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Hide My Ip 5.4 Full Version javomark




Hide My IP has one of the simplest user interfaces of any such tool, with a simple four button panel. The idea is that you enter the URL of the website you wish to visit, and then click the button to choose how you want to hide your IP. There are two modes available on Hide My IP – anonymity mode and proxy mode. In anonymity mode, you can mask your real IP to any IP of your choice, while in proxy mode, you can choose to make Hide My IP look like you are accessing the website from a different IP address. Hide My IP has a very basic menu interface and only the most common options are available. You can choose to turn it on, choose an IP address from your local network, choose a new IP address, and choose a web server to use to send your requests. Hide My IP comes in a free, fully functional trial version which lasts for five days, and it is easy to see the potential this tool has. When we first tested the free version, we decided to purchase the premium version, which works quite well. We had no problems with the free version, and the free version was just enough for us to test Hide My IP out properly. Hide My IP Premium Hide My IP Premium is a tool which allows you to mask your real IP, as well as your local IP. Once you have completed registration, a security check is performed to determine whether you are trying to hide your IP, and this is essential before any change is made to your settings. Hide My IP Premium has the full feature set of the free version, and additional features have been added to make it even more useful. There is an easy interface which displays a map of your country, and there is an IP history option which shows your last 100 IP addresses. There is also a Web Server option which allows you to use a web server for sending requests instead of using your actual IP. The maps are not ideal, and we noticed that your actual IP address was visible even when you were masking your real IP. This would be fine if the IP address was public, but since it is your private IP address, there is nothing we can do about it. If you are simply wanting to mask your IP, then Hide My IP Premium will work perfectly for you. If you want to mask your IP and your local IP address, then Hide My IP Premium is a must. In both cases, Hide My IP Premium is a useful and




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Hide My Ip 5.4 Full Version javomark

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